The Meaning of Flowers & Which Flowers to send for Different Occasions

Posted on: June 27, 2019


The Meaning of Flowers and Which Flowers to send for Different Occasions

The art of floriography interprets the symbolism behind different flowers. It flourished during the Victorian era when a restrictive moral code of behaviour deterred people from openly expressing their true feelings. Instead, they relied on flowers to speak on their behalf. At Blossom Lane Florist we love to use traditional floriography to add these secret charms to our floral arrangements.


Roses convey some of the most powerful sentiments. Crimson red denotes a deep, devoted affection. Sending a dozen, particularly on St. Valentine’s Day, is a proposal to be together while a single red rose is a declaration of true love at first sight. Choose very dark red roses to indicate the sorrow of unrequited love and send the darkest burgundy blooms to spell out the end of a relationship. Revealing an energetic passion is highlighted by orange roses. To express the enduring friendship and affection of a platonic relationship rely on yellow blooms. To say thank you or convey admiration, pink roses will strengthen your message. Send peach roses to let someone know they are sorely missed. Bridal bouquets often include white roses to symbolise purity and a heartfelt commitment to a new life together.


Traditionally, carnations have had a religious significance since the days when they were the favourite flowers of the ancient Greek gods. They also represent Mary’s tears of devotion for Jesus, her crucified son. Consequently, carnations, particularly in pink, are perfect for Mother’s Day or birthdays to symbolise an appreciation of motherly love. Choose red to express a particularly deep bond. White carnations wish someone good luck which makes them a perfect flower for bridal bouquets. If someone has suffered a disappointment send yellow as a sign of commiseration. Purple indicates uncertainty while striped carnations symbolise regret.


Elegant lilies are popular flowers that mark a variety of life’s events. Representing modesty and innocence, they’re ideal for a wedding day. Many brides choose dainty lilies of the valley to denote sweetness of temper. All lilies but especially the magnificent white calla lilies, are often included in funeral tributes as they are representative of the resurrection and a life beyond death. Pink lilies convey appreciation making them ideal as a thank you gift. Regal purple or orange hints of passion. Choose carefully when sending yellow lilies as they can imply either happiness or deceit. The Peruvian lily or alstroemeria symbolises good fortune and wealth, a perfect good luck gift for someone embarking on a new venture.


Tulips generally declare a gracefully elegant affection. Yellow indicates being head over heels while red expresses a deeply profound love. Send white tulips if you’re seeking forgiveness. Pink is for being concerned and caring while purple denotes being a friend to rely on.

Daisies, Daffodils and Chrysanthemums

These symbolise loyalty and cheerfulness for any informal occasions. They also make lovely birthday or housewarming gifts.

Stocks, Freesias and Paeonies

Representative of prospective happiness and innocent friendship, these beautiful flowers are much sought after for bridal bouquets and as occasional gifts for friends.


The beautiful pastel shades of these large, clustered flowerheads symbolise sincerity and gratitude. They are perfect for expressing true friendship and are often part of bridal arrangements.

Gardenia and Orchid

Both of these exotic flowers convey feminine elegance and romance. Send gardenias to highlight a secret admiration. Orchids are perfect for expressing a mature thoughtfulness and affection.