Personalising your home with Bespoke Joinery

Posted on: July 25, 2019

Bespoke furniture is custom-made according to the style and exact dimensions you require, so it looks and fits as desired. Highly professional teams of joiners make custom-made furniture, with an eye for detail and a good sense of style professional bespoke furniture joiners create stunning furniture of exceptional quality.

For a truly unique look, you can personalise your home by choosing one-off bespoke furniture over ready-made off-the-shelf alternatives. Bespoke furniture gives you freedom to specify every detail of the furniture pieces you commission in terms of style, thickness, type of timber and even the finish used. They take your ideas and translate them into executable concepts while ensuring that the final product is pleasing to the eye. Bespoke joiners strive to make your furniture functional, stylish and appealing. While premade furniture may be cheap, it does not offer the opportunity to customise it to your needs.

Make Use of Every Available Space

The artistry involved in creating bespoke pieces is not the only advantage of bespoke furniture; you also benefit from the practicality of the pieces. It is possible to make use of every inch of your home by creating furniture pieces that are custom-made for the space.

Here are examples of other ways you can personalise your home with bespoke furniture:

Fitted Furniture

You can use bespoke fitted furniture to enhance the look of your home or office. Since the furniture is made to fit, you can have the pieces made in such a way that they do not block the sun from getting into your room. This results in an abundant amount of natural light into your room.

Also, fitted furniture allows you to declutter your bedroom by creating discreet storage areas while ensuring that it retains the polished look. In the office, you can use similar styles to save on the space. You can later use the space for further improvement. The use of fitted furniture is the best way to create a practical and luxurious workspace.

Garden Decking

By installing a deck in the garden, you will make your home more functional and homely than ever. It makes a great seating area during warm weather and a good way to create a level location on your yard. Decking boards can even be custom-made as per your preference and available space.


You can maximise your bedroom’s potential by increasing the available storage without sacrificing too much floor space by choosing a bespoke wardrobe. Wardrobes are designed to individual preferences, make optimal use of the available space, and also blend with the style of rest of the room seamlessly.


A bespoke door is beautiful to look at when your visitors come knocking, the fact that they are made to fit can also be useful for non-standard door frames. Bespoke doors can be made from the timber of your choice, and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into a bespoke door often means that bespoke doors will outlive their mass-produced counterparts many times over.

At Edmont Joinery, we provide high quality bespoke joinery services. We have years of experience and are knowledgeable about the latest furniture trends and designs. Check out our website and give your home a personalised feel.