Clinic Management Software

Posted on: July 31, 2019

Choosing a software package that streamlines the immense workload of data collection, patients’ appointments, medication lists and a host of other details requires a flexible product that is specifically designed to meet the high demands of a medical practice.


Ideal for smaller practices, CureMD software links directly to pharmacies and laboratories. It offers a streamlined, efficient method of receiving test results. Ordering medical supplies is quick and virtually eliminates unnecessary delays. Data input and record keeping is swift and reliable with the option of on-site or Cloud storage. However, issuing prescriptions electronically is a lengthy process involving several stages. There is no customisation of templates and the system is limited to using Internet Explorer. The customer support department has a poor response time.

eClinicalWorks EMR Software

As a Cloud-based package this software has an easy to use input system for large volumes of data and reports. Prescription notifications are fully automated and are transmitted directly to smartphones for patients’ convenience. However, the cluttered format of the various screen displays is slightly confusing particularly when accessing appointment schedules or financial flowcharts. The database is not totally reliable when searching for specific results or information. The customer support service is inefficient.

AthenaHealth ERH Software

The software provides valuable assistance for a practice of small to medium size. Record keeping, financial management and the coordination of schedules and appointments for patient care are flexible, streamlined functions. The system is one of the easiest to use with multiple options for customising templates. However, occasionally there are sections missing in letter headings and reports which could lead to errors when releasing information such as test results. Data can often appear to be unnecessarily duplicated across different categories which is confusing.

TotalMD Software

The TotalMD system is easy to install and is user-friendly. There is an efficient data input mechanism for patient records and reports. Screens for appointments have simple navigation and are colour coded. There is an option for Cloud or on-site storage. There is an automated prescription facility which is ideal for repeat orders. Templates cannot be customised to suit the specific requirements of a practice. Information such as a patient’s name is sometimes omitted from correspondence or in records. Computer hardware operating systems should be reassessed before installation to ensure the software is compatible.

MidexPRO Software

The software package is streamlined, efficient and easy to use. It can be accessed across several locations enabling one member of staff to organise multiple records and databases successfully through the Auto Clerk facility. It’s the perfect choice for practices with more than one office. System confidentiality is maintained due to the inbuilt access control function, a useful feature if several practices share administrative staff. The system can be fully customised by the experienced team at Midex Pro to ensure it suits an individual practice’s requirements. There is the option of a month’s free trial.