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Bespoke Furniture

Personalising your home with Bespoke Joinery

Bespoke furniture is custom-made according to the style and exact dimensions you require, so it looks and fits as desired. Highly professional teams of joiners make custom-made furniture, with an eye for detail and a good sense of style professional bespoke furniture joiners create stunning furniture of exceptional quality. For a truly unique look, you […]


A Buyers Guide to Choosing the Perfect Radiator

When buying new radiators there are many things to consider before making your purchase. The type of panels you should choose, the material they’re made from, the size and orientation of the panels and the desired heat output all need to be given a good deal of thought. Calculating the Required Heat Output Before choosing […]

My Plan

10 Reasons why Being Organised can make your life Easier

One of the greatest obstacles we have to overcome in becoming organised is motivation. Sometimes the best way to overcome this is to take a step back and examine each of the benefits an organised life can bring. Once you have found one or more that really speaks to you, it should be easier to […]

Plaster Base Coat

How to Plaster a Wall Like a Seasoned Pro

What’s Needed to Plaster Like a Pro? There are many DIY jobs that we tackle without batting an eyelid, from simple plumbing to more complex electrical work. But where many people tend to falter, is when it comes to applying the finishing details. And nowhere is this more evident, than when someone plasters a wall […]

Kids Bedroom

Tips for Decorating your Kid’s Bedroom

There is an array of things you can work on to make your child’s bedroom their favorite place to be and also encourage them to read more even though their lives rotate around play, sleep, and homework. Here are tips to decorate your child’s bedroom. 1. Painting of colour block shapes Spice things up in […]

Clean Oven

Cleaning Tips & Advice for a Sparkling Oven

Prevention is better than cure. Wise words indeed, and they can be applied to many household chores, but one in particular stands out – the dreaded cleaning of the oven. There is no way to fully escape this chore, but there are some techniques we can apply to minimize how often we need to clean […]

Moving House

How to Take the Stress Out of Moving House

No one loves moving day, and this is because it can get you mentally and physically worn out. There is a lot of preparation needed for this particular day, and you cannot miss anything, you will end up with a lot of stress. There are some tips you can follow to reduce the pressure of […]

Room Ventilation

Top Tips for Keeping your home cool this Summer

Feeling the heat, and can’t escape from it indoors? It’s not just winter weather that can bring problems – we do all we can to keep out the cold, but don’t pay enough attention to summer issues. Unbearable conditions need similar solutions, so make walls, windows and roofs as airtight as possible to stop hot […]

Why B&Q is the Nations Favourite DIY Store

Whatever you may need for your home, garden or garage, it is available at B&Q stores.  From simple screws to whole kitchens and bathrooms, from potted plants to decking and garden sheds, from light bulbs to everything you need to keep your car at its best, B&Q can deliver. For anything within your home B&Q […]