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Is your website is more of a sofa spud than a sales powerhouse? You’ve invested love, time and money in a new website but you are not getting the sales you expect. Wondering where it’s going wrong? Here are of the most common reasons your website might not be achieving the results you deserve.

A website that isn’t mobile friendly is guaranteed to turn visitors away. Google Think Insights says 61% of users will move on if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away. Remember Google starts actively penalising websites that don’t meet mobile user’s needs from 21 April 2015.

2. Your website is too slow

Speed is one of the most common reasons for loss of conversions. 40% of consumers abandon sites that take 3 or more seconds to load. Just a 1 second delay can result in a 7% drop in sales. Test your site using Pingdom tools. This will let you know exactly how long your website takes to load and what’s slowing it down.

3. Your website has no call-to-action

A well placed call-to-action on your site can help convert visitors into paying customers or capture their contact details. Ensure your call-to-action’s stand out and make an impact. A good call-to-action might be a button which says Buy Now or Sign Up in a prominent place on your page.

4. Your website is too cluttered

Your website may have too many messages or too many options. If you want to encourage more conversions, less is usually more. The best converting pages focus on one particular message, for example promoting an individual product or service rather than every product you offer.

5. Your website has no social proof

Consumers spend time reading reviews, testimonials and other social proof before making a purchase or decision online. It’s vital to add customer testimonials and reviews to your website.

6. Your forms are too complicated

Keep it simple, only use 3-5 fields. Ideally 3 or less. The best converting text to use to submit your forms are Click Here and Go which help to convert 20% and 25% respectively. Register on the other hand only converts for around 10% of respondents.

7. Your website lacks credibility

Providing your contact information and address to prove who you are. Other steps include, correcting grammar and spelling, avoiding stock photos, showing photos of your staff or office, making sure your site is bug free, including a privacy policy and terms of service, and updating your pages regularly

8. Your traffic isn’t targeted enough

Do you know that the people visiting your website are interested in your product or service? Think about creating highly targeted ads that reach your target demographic. For instance Google AdSense and Facebook Ads have very sophisticated targeting options which include: Age, Sex and location as well as profession, family status and much more.